Swim Spa Movers

Spa Moving: This is where you weed out the boys from the men!

What is the difference between spas and hot tubs?
A couple thousand pounds and 2-3 times the size bigger.

You do not mess around with swim spas or let amateurs do it.  One wrong move and someone gets hurt or something gets wrecked.  You want properly equipped spa movers to do this for you.  It requires heavier equipment and a precise plan of attack.  Moving swim spas and endless pools is not something you figure out as you go.  The swim spa in this slide show is 4000 pounds and 19 feet long.  As you can see it requires a crane to get it where it needs to go safely and heavy duty equipment to manoeuver into position where the crane cannot go.

You do not do or quote these moves blind.

Call Braymore for an estimate to see what it involved in moving your swim spa today.